General purpose polystyrene china is XPS raw material with good quality

Extruded polystyrene which is also referred to as XPS is a type of plastic used to make products ranging from building materials to storage containers. XPS may take the form of a dense foam, or a more solid, plastic-like material, depending on the application.

XPS is used to make many different products, including household and industrial goods. The most used application is XPS foam insulation boards. XPS foam is a rigid insulation manufactured using an extrusion process that includes polystyrene polymer, a foam blowing agent, and other materials.

XPS insulation board

XPS insulation foam board is an excellent insulator, does not support mold or mildew growth, may be used below grade, and is found in a wide variety of commercial and residential construction applications.

The selection of XPS raw materials will impact XPS performance including thermal properties (insulation values), compressive strength, and compliance with global initiatives designed to reduce the use of materials with a demonstrated impact on global warming.

good quality XPS board

The raw material of XPS insulation board is general purpose polystyrene(GPPS). GPPS can be divided into two different types which are virgin GPPS and recycled GPPS. The difference between the two types is the resource and price. Virgin GPPS is directly made from oil while the recycled GPPS is made from EPS scraps and the virgin one is much more expensive than the recycled one.

INTCO recycling is a company that can supply recycled GPPS. The materials for production are clean EPS scraps from all over the world. EPS scraps from clean packaging are perfect recyclable materials for granulating GPPS. INTCO has been in this industry for more than 20 years. The monthly quantities it can supply is 4000 tons a month.

raw materials for xps board

INTCO has already supplied its recycled GPPS to many XPS boards manufacturers like Owens corning. INTCO is the leader in the GPPS market in China and it is famous for its good quality and stably supply. As you may know, recycled GPPS can be your another choice for XPS production which can save much production costs.

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