General purpose polystyrene China is widely known as raw materials for framing products

Plastic framing like polystyrene decorative molding product is a new type decorative molding material. It is used to make various shape, flower type,pattern and color of imitation wood and imitation stone foam photo frame, picture frame, bulletin board frame, cornice line, external decorative material and so on.


Picture frames have been an integral part of art-making practices for centuries, and areoften as important to the visual appearance of a painting or photograph as the artwork itself. Many contemporary frames are simple, mass-produced items.

decorative frame products

Frames products include wood and plastic frame products. Plastic frames are made from PS pellets (polystyrene pellets). Such frame products include picture frame, mirror frame, window frame. In China, the recycled PS pellets are widely used in plastic framing materials production.

Recycled PS pellets are famous for its quality which produced by INTCO recycling from China. INTCO ‘s recycled PS pellets are all made from used polystyrene foam materials such as home appliance foam packaging.

PS pellets

As you know, waste polystyrene foam can be recycled into blocks or ingots which are convenient for granulating into pellets. INTCO is a company that has been in the polystyrene recycling and granulating for more than 20 years.

It not only supply its recycled PS pellets to frame products manufacturers, but also supply to customers like XPS manufacturers and food tray producers. INTCO ‘s recycled PS pellets have already won high praise from customers like Owens Corning and Технониколь.

INTCO's recycled ps pellets

INTCO also uses its recycled PS pellets to make their own frame products and they are well accepted by customers both at home and abroad. And it has high-end granulating technology due to its 20 year’s experience.

INTCO now has become the biggest PS pellets supplier in the world market. Because it can stably supply 4000 tons of recycled PS pellets every month which can ensure most of the needs from different customers. This is why INTCO plays the leading role in the recycled PS pellets market.

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