General classification and application of recycled plastic pellets

General classification and application of recycled plastic pellets

Recycled plastic pellets are mainly graded according to the different raw materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic granules, generally divided into first, second and third grades.

The first-grade material means that the raw materials used are scraps that are not landed, or are called chamfers, some are spouts, rubber heads, etc., the quality is also good, that is, it has not been used, in the process of processing new materials. In the middle, the remaining small corners, or the raw materials of quality. The pellets processed from the wool have good transparency and the quality can be compared with the new material, so it is a first-class material or a special material.

The secondary material means that the raw material has been used once, except for high-pressure granulation. In the high-pressure granulation, most of the imported large parts are used. If the imported large parts are industrial films, they are not exposed to the wind and the sun, so the quality is also very high. Well, the processed particles have good transparency, and should be judged according to the brightness of the particles and whether the surface is rough.

The tertiary material refers to the raw materials that have been used twice or more, and the processed pellets are not very good in terms of elasticity and toughness.

Plastic waste can be found everywhere in our daily life, especially EPS material, recycled PS pellets in the industrial field is widely welcomed, and applied in many aspects of life. But the application field is different, for example, the convenient bag made of recycled PS pellets cannot be used for food packaging, and some pellets processed with PVC may contain toxins themselves, so there will be restrictions on its application scope.

Generally speaking, industrial production needs more raw materials, and recycled GPPS become a good choice.

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