How to distinguish the quality of recycled PS pellets?

How to distinguish the quality of recycled PS pellets?
Different grades of recycled PS pellets are to be used in different industries, so they should be classified strictly. INTCO’ laboratories will do this job before GREENMAX recycled PS pellets are sold. And Following are several tips for buyers to distinguish them.
1.Simple observations of Appearance:
In the situation that you don’t have any testing equipment, you can also tell the quality of recycled PS pellets by simply looking at the appearance of them.
If the recycled PS pellets are transparent and glossy in pure white or in light color, such as light yellow, with few bubbles, and in the shape of small round granular, they are of a high quality grade, such as Grade A or Grade B, while the non-transparent, dark colored ones are of Grade C.
2.Ash Content:
Lower ash content makes the recycled PS pellets look more transparent. Ash content refers to the content of impurity in the recycled PS pellets, which is decided by the filters used for production.
INTCO uses filters with 80 meshes (180μm), instead of the commonly used 40 meshes (380μm) in other small factories. More meshes can filter more impurities from EPS scrap, thereby to guarantee a higher purity of recycled PS pellets. Ash content of GREENMAX recycled PS pellets are controlled below 0.5%.
3.Melt Index:
Melt index is the Melt Flow Rate of plastics. It can be simply told by the method of burning if there is no professional testing equipment. If the recycled PS pellets can be wire drawn when burned by flame, they can be defined as having a high melt index. Otherwise they have a low melt index.
Melt index of GREENMAX recycled PS pellets is among the range of 8g/10min to 25g/10min.
Customers from different industries demand recycled PS pellets with different melt index. For example, factories producing insulation board or framing choose recycled PS pellets with low melt index.
4.Water Content:
Water content is decided by the granulation technology and equipment. Lower water content in the recycled PS pellets means better quality.
Since INTCO adopts the most advanced granulation lines of EREMA, GREENMAX recycled PS pellets have the water content strictly controlled below 0.15%.

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