EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is the name of the increased Polystyrene, generated in the form of granules consisting of combustible Bentan (C5H12) gas. EPS fragments have a structure of 90 - 95% Polystyrene and also 5 - 10% of gas generators such as pentane or co2. Through the procedure, EPS enhancement granules increase the dimension of the adhesive, and also when taken into manufacturing, they will be created into products depending on the purpose of use.

Manufacturing procedure: Main EPS seeds are expanded via the temperature of 90 ° C to expand 20 to 50 times. Next, placed in the mold (block) heated (100 ° C) with the proper time to produce EPS foam - EPS plastic likewise known as EPS foam.

Product Foam - EPS plastic shaped from the size of the blooming so in the quantity M3 consists of from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 small sticky honeycomb-like fragments, in each small particle cell after hatching has 98% of the Air, which has the advantages of thermal insulation, thermal insulation and also audio insulation.

Attributes of EPS

Soak up impulse and stand up to excellent compressive pressure: really effective when made use of as product packaging to safeguard items, electronic devices, vulnerable products, scratches ...

High strength, not impacted by mold and mildew, temperature level and also dirt: shield products very well during storage and transport.

Insulation, soundproofing: EPS plastic assists keep food fresh, avoiding condensation. Ensure foods such as seafood, vegetables ... are distributed as well as transported safely while still guaranteeing the quality as well as inherent shape.

Lightweight: 98% is gas, EPS is considered as the lightest product packaging ever.

Flexible, functional, versatile: EPS plastic packaging can be made according to usage requirements, appropriate for devices from small to huge. Currently with the help of computer system design, EPS packaging is developed as well as made to fit the user's requirements.


Uses of EPS plastic

With exceptional buildings and affordable of use, EPS plastic has actually been widely utilized in many different fields such as: Insulation - Audio insulation - Anti-heat - Noise decrease of contemporary Construction and Sector, food as well as pharmaceutical product packaging; digital product packaging EPS, glass as well as china crockery, boxes of vegetables, frozen seafood and impact-resistant product packaging, durable goods, safety helmets, and so on.

Made use of in developing homes in the form of rental properties or high-rise buildings, changing conventional products because it has the advantage of being a light-weight material, having good thermal insulation buildings, therefore saving the expense of electrical power.

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