EPS granules are raw materials for XPS which can be supplied by INTCO

Heat flow in homes can be controlled using XPS insulation, and heating and cooling expenses can be considerably reduced if the heat flow resistance provided by XPS insulation materials is high.

Effective XPS insulation also significantly improves the comfort level. Heat flows by conduction, radiation, and convection, and the most commonly used insulating materials (XPS) perform by reducing the rate of conductive heat flow.


As is known to all, polystyrene is widely used to produce foam board insulation for buildings. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) are some of the polystyrene insulation materials available on the market. This kind of foam board insulation materials are widely used in the extremely hot and cold areas. Because XPS is both anti-hot and anti-cold. For example, the XPS insulation boards are most widely applied in Russia which is quite cold in winter.

EPS granules( also known as PS pellets) are perfect raw materials for XPS insulation board. INTCO recycling is a granulating company that are committed to producing PS pellets. They use the recycled EPS materials (from home appliances and fish boxes and other clean EPS materials ) to granulate recycled PS pellets.


INTCO ‘s recycled PS pellets can not only replace the newly made PS pellets, but also much cheaper than the newly made ones. And it has large production scale and the quantities of PS pellets are quite stable, INTCO can supply thousands of tons PS pellets every month.

INTCO’s recycled PS pellets are in a wide range of melt flow index, which will be strictly tested by the laboratories and labelled on each bag, therefore to satisfy different customers’ demand. Their recycled PS pellets are marked different grades from A-C grades.


XPS board manufacturers can mix the recycled PS pellets with the newly made ones to produce XPS board. The mixing ratio should among 30%-50% to ensure the quality that are required by customers. Recycled EPS granules are now facing a large demand due to the market growth, XPS manufacturers should take this chance to find more high-quality XPS raw materials.

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