INTCO Recycling Logo

INTCO Group has two major business division: INTCO Medical and INTCO Recycling. INTCO Recycling is an EPS Recycling Specialist, providing total Solution to Polystyrene Recycling.

INTCO Recycling manufactures and sells GREENMAX™ Compactor (Densifier) and Melter, purchases back compressed EPS Scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.

In 2015, INTCO recycles 50,000 tons of waste EPS, which helps save 2,000,000 trees and reduce 100,000 tons of carbon emission. INTCO becomes one of the biggest waste EPS end-user and recyclers in the world.

INTCO Recycling's Main Business:

  1. Manufactures & Sells GREENMAX™ EPS Compactor (Densifier) and Melter
  2. Purchases waste EPS scrap from all over the world
  3. Produces recycled GPPS
  4. Reuses & Sells recycled GPPS
  5. Manufactures & Sells GREENWOOD® Frame products.

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