GREENWOOD is the brand of Framing under INTCO Recycling, using INTCO recycled GPPS to make framings and moulding products.

GREENWOOD means the green woods, aims to continuously provide customers the high qualified, environmental friendly, and artistic home decoration products, and to make unremitting efforts to protect our green forests and the global environment. After 10 years hard work, GREENWOOD has developed into the largest brand of environmental imitation wood framing products in China, providing customers with a large number of exquisite and environmental friendly imitation wood frame products for photos, pictures, mirrors and so on.

GREENWOOD's contribution to the world environment:

First, to solve the problem of white pollution - the recovery and recycling issues of waste foam packaging materials;

Second, the use of recycled materials can completely replace traditional wood , reducing deforestation.

GREENWOOD, makes our home more environmental friendly!

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