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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is the name of the increased Polystyrene, generated in the form of granules consisting of combustible Bentan (C5H12) gas. EPS fragments have a structure of 90 - 95% Polystyrene and also 5 - 10% of gas generators such as pentane or co2. Through the procedure, EPS enhancement granules increase the dimension of…
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Use Recycled GPPS Granules to Make Environment Better

Plastic is an indispensable part of human life; obviously, it is beneficial, however, its non-degradable life makes it an environmental problem. However, we can make a significant difference by reducing using disposable plastic and also recycling them successfully as well as properly. The recycled General Purpose Polystyrene or GPPS Granules is one such recycled plastic…
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How to Use Recycled Pellets in the Manufacturing Process

Plastic pellets are small granulates, used in Blown Film Machines, Injection Equipment, Molding Machines, and also various other equipment that manufacture plastic films, containers, bags, etc. These little pieces of material are the most important in the process of plastic products. Not just since they are the major material but also due to the fact…
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