As the raw material for XPS, recycled PS pellets can be a better choice than the virgin ones

The extruded polystyrene hard foam, also known as XPS for short, is rarely heard in our daily life, but chances to see its applications exist so many in the life. As a closed-cell foam material which absorbs only minimum quantities of moisture, XPS is slightly resilient and is resistant to rotting and aging. Therefore, It is the first choice for many modern building thermal insulation materials.


With its extruded polystyrene (XPS) construction, this board does not absorb water. Due to its high performance rigid insulation with a closed cell structure, it is impervious to moisture. Such a structural insulation is available in various grades for specific applications which require high loading or resistance to excessive moisture levels. It is produced either as a standard construction product or a close tolerance version for panel making applications.


As raw material for XPS, the PS pellets are now in great demand, which can be classified into two kinds--the virgin PS pellets and the recycled PS pellets. Generally speaking, the virgin PS pellets can be directly made from oil while the recycled ones are made from EPS scraps. In spite of the superior quality of the virgin ones, the price of them is much higher than the recycled PS pellets. Meanwhile, in many cases, the recycled PS pellets in some manufacturing companies can totally replace the virgin ones for its perfect characteristics and property.


INTCO RECYCLING, as general purpose polystyrene supplier among all these PS pellets manufacturing companies, is a reliable supplier which you can trust. The PS pellets supplied by INTCO RECYCLING is made from clean EPS scraps from all over the world, which are perfect recyclable materials for granulating PS pellets. The EPS scraps will be recycled into blocks or ingots firstly with specialized machines in order to make them more convenient for granulating through another machine named EREMA, specially designed by INTCO. So welcome to join INTCO RECYCLING to practice the green action.

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