As general purpose polystyrene supplier in China, INTCO recycling will do better and better

Long time ago, people need to spend much personal time washing a host of metal dishware. Once a time since the disposable plastic dishware was invented, life has been much more convenient that people just need to throw away the disposable ones without washing them.

plastic-forks-and -spoons

Such products are now widely used among food businesses. When we eat cakes, jelly, or ice-creams in a dessert shop, when we hold a big dinner party, or when we order take-outs from restaurants, we always need to use disposable plastic dishware. In order to cater to the preferences of different customers, many disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons are made into colorful appearances.

Due to its wide application and great convenience to our life, more and more manufactures are seeking for a more cost-effective production to make more profits. As a result, the optional selection of their raw materials is a key point to focus on.


PS pellets, are now more and more regarded as the most suitable raw materials for these plastic products. Then what can PS pellets be from? One is newly made from oil, and the other is recycled PS pellets made from foam products. Actually the later one even has a high capacity.


INTCO recycling, as general purpose polystyrene supplier in China, has been committed to promoting environmental protection. With 20 years’ experience in PS pellets granulation, INTCO has always strictly control the import of raw materials.


For all the time, we import into our factory the clean EPS scraps from all over the world after strict selection. Moreover, thanks to the adoption of the world’s famous granulator EREMA and most advanced granulation technology with 80 meshes (180μm) filters, the PS pellets from INTCO have reached the international SGS standard, with authorized certifications like SGS, ISO.

It is a good news that we now have another granulation factory built in Malaysia to help ensure the raw material supply. It is easy to foresee that we will have a prospective foreign market of PS pellets nearly in the future.

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