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Recycled GPPS: Advanced renewable resources for plastic products production

GPPS - general purpose polystyrene, is a transparent polymer polymerized from styrene monomer. GPPS can be used for injection and extrusion applications. Recycled GPPS is a good opportunity for foam products manufacturers to embrace new technologies by reducing costs and shortening release times. Applications of GPPS: • Thin-walled packaging• Extruded foam packaging• POS display shelf•…
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The production process and applications of recycled GPPS

Recycled plastic, an acronym for " General Purpose Polystyrene" is the product of this plastic recycling process. GPPS is a monomer polymer called styrene, which is produced by suspension. Recycled GPPS polymers are widely used for their high stiffness, good stability and excellent electrical properties. As a polymer, General Purpose Polystyrene is a solid product…
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