Monthly Archives: March 2020

Analysis of PS pellets Price Trends in March 2020

As we all know, due to market changes in 2020, oil prices continue falling, and the price of PS pellets will also fluctuate. First, Price Trend In terms of price: GPPS mainstream price is 8700-10100 yuan per ton, HIPS mainstream price is 9200-11300 yuan per ton. Second, Market analysis PS Market Quotes: Partial quotations in…
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Recycled GPPS supplied by INTCO Recycling has good quality assurance

Picture frame production business is a very old business. Before plastic foam frames, wooden frames were the only product in this industry. There is no doubt that plastic foam photo frames have brought many opportunities to this market. GPPS, also known as general purpose polystyrene is a good material to make beautiful picture frames. This…
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