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How to distinguish HIPS, GPPS and EPS in recycled PS pellets

PS general-purpose plastics are mainly divided into three types: HIPS (high impact polystyrene), GPPS (general pole polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene). HIPS is a white opaque or beaded thermoplastic resin, characterized by impact resistance, and its impact strength is more than 7 times that of GPPS. It has excellent colorability and formability, but its tensile…
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The source and selection of raw materials for recycled GPPS production

As GPPS is the most important raw materials for the production of polystyrene products, the emergence of recycled GPPS not only solves the foam waste accumulation problems, but also saves the original resources, making the waste of polystyrene reused again. Recycled PS pellets is made of polystyrene waste, therefore, it is necessary to know which…
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