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Recycled GPPS can make XPS production more efficient and profitable

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam has many advantages as building insulation material. Extruded polystyrene foam sheaths are energy efficient, easy to install, light, blue, pink, or green, and can be used to form continuous insulation and moisture-proof walls on buildings using a single product, thus contributing to energy efficiency. The extruded polystyrene foam begins with solid…
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The wide applications of recycled GPPS made it popular with the public

GPPS is a hard, transparent material with high gloss. It is usually described as general purpose polystyrene(GPPS), but it also know as terms such as standard polystyrene, common polystyrene, transparent polystyrene or styrene homopolymer. GPPS is transformed into a series of products by converting GPPS to granular form. It has several useful properties, such as…
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INTCO supplies recycled GPPS to foam products manufacturers around the world

When it comes to GPPS (general purpose polystyrene), you may be a little strange, but you must be be familiar with plastic foam products like foam packaging, single-use containers and photo frames. Traditionally, such plastic foam products are made of virgin GPPS, but with the development of technology, recycled GPPS has won great popularity among…
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