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General purpose polystyrene in China can be well supplied by INTCO RECYCLING

The General Purpose Polystyrene, also short for GPPS, is clear and insoluble. It is common commercial polymer with a density of 1.04-1.111 g/cm3 (20 C). The GPPS has these features and one is the good heat stability, of which the long-term using temperature can be 220-240°C and the deflection temperature under load 1.82Mpa is above 260°C; another…
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Recycled PS pellets are much more environmentally friendly than the virgin ones

Recently, recycled PS pellets(polystyrene pellets) have won great popularity among related industry due to excellent flame retardant, lower moisture content and higher purity. Difficult to identify as they are, the recycled PS pellets are raw materials of many common items in our daily life, including some life necessities such as cups, toothbrushes, combs, and food trays.…
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The granulation process of recycled PS pellets can be strictly controlled in INTCO

The recycling of waste plastics, usually goes through collecting, selecting, crushing, cleaning, drying, granulation and some other steps, among which, the granulation process will be introduced as follows. For the waste plastics which are directly produced or modified, the processing equipment mainly includes single screw extruder, double screw extruder and multi stage granulator. The waste…
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