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General purpose polystyrene China is widely known as raw materials for framing products

Plastic framing like polystyrene decorative molding product is a new type decorative molding material. It is used to make various shape, flower type,pattern and color of imitation wood and imitation stone foam photo frame, picture frame, bulletin board frame, cornice line, external decorative material and so on. Picture frames have been an integral part of art-making practices for…
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XPS raw materials are PS pellets which can stably supplied by INTCO China

XPS is a waterproof, rigid insulation material. It is made from polystyrene pellets, which are mixed with various chemicals, then heated until the pellets liquefy. When the pellets cool, they turn into tiny beads. Then the beads are heated and injected into flat molds. When the molds cool, the material is cut into panels of…
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General purpose polystyrene china is XPS raw material with good quality

Extruded polystyrene which is also referred to as XPS is a type of plastic used to make products ranging from building materials to storage containers. XPS may take the form of a dense foam, or a more solid, plastic-like material, depending on the application. XPS is used to make many different products, including household and industrial goods. The most used application is…
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