Monthly Archives: December 2016

The urgent needs of solving the problem of plastic particles

Millions of tons of polystyrene waste particles dumped into the seas each year. Because of the gradually serious white pollution, many recycling organizations hold campaigns which aimed at raising people’s awareness and consequences of the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans. Researchers collect relevant data and measure levels of micro-plastics floating in the water. The…
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Practical measures to recycle plastic beads

According to the survey, it is said that plastic beads which used in cosmetic products can affect human health. So more and more people are paying more attention on the plastic particles. Plastic particles are widely used in many fields, while they provide people with benefit and convenience, they also cause the damage of the…
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Polystyrene particles can be turned into renewable useful materials

Most of the polystyrene plastic products are used for only one time, thus millions of tons of white waste are discarded in nature. Polystyrene waste cannot be rotten or transformed into other substances, they cannot degrade naturally. On the one hand, the waste result in the serious environmental pollution, on the other hand is also…
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