Monthly Archives: October 2016

INTCO Participated in Dusseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

As the world's recognized international plastics and rubber industry exhibition ---- German Dusseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (K show), was held in 2016 October 19 to 26, ushered in the twentieth session of the event. The exhibition brings together well-known manufacturers around the world, gathered around global professional buyers, to reproduce its unique charm…
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Recycled polystyrene granules market is increasingly wide

It is reported that, after the EPS foam regeneration and granulation, INTCO produced high quality recycled GPPS, the use is also very wide, this recycled plastic can not only be used in the manufacture of various stationery, toys, electrical appliances and other different types, can also be used for a variety of Industrial demand, such…
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Recycled Polystyrene plastic granules issues attention

It is understood that most of the polystyrene plastic granules is a one-time use, millions of tons of white waste was placed in nature, the waste can not be rotten transformation, and can not disappear, on the one hand it easily caused a serious environmental pollution, On the other hand, polystyrene plastic is also a…
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INTCO recycled GPPS production program

Recently, INTCO polystyrene device successfully developed high-quality polystyrene products GPPS, through test, its gloss and impact resistance have achieved the desired results. The trial production, worked out the product formula, the corresponding production process and operation conditions, has laid a foundation that the product enter into the high-end home appliances market for the future.

intco gpps

To increase the market competitiveness of plastic products, INTCO is close to the market research and development of new products. With the use of polystyrene devices, production and equipment conditions have been greatly improved, developing the two new products is aimed at high-quality polystyrene, it is featured by good gloss, impact resistance, heat resistance, stable performance and favored by high-end customers, mainly widely used in insulation panels, picture frames, air-conditioning shell, automotive interior parts, the market demand and the development prospects are considerable.

The production of recycled GPPS is based on the original production of general polystyrene (GPPS) products, its production difficulty is that polystyrene gloss and strength, is a pair of indicators of reverse constraints, the product achieved high Gloss and high impact which is expected to target at the same time.

eps scrap

To ensure the smooth development of new product development, the device carefully formulated "recycled GPPS production program", the new product development team held several meetings on the technical indicators of GPPS and its influencing factors to develop a preliminary raw material, the main process parameters.

In the trial production process, the technical staff kept up with production, the key equipment run every 2 hours, and in accordance with the timely adjustment results of process parameters. Through continuous optimization of the process parameters and formula adjustment, to find the balance of the two aspects of performance with the product gloss and strength, product parameters achieved the established targets.

At present, the product has been sent to the downstream high-end customers for trial. The next step, the device will continue to achieve macro-product performance and microstructure analysis, and further improved based on customer feedback, and continuously improve product quality.